Tuesdays to Sundays 5.30pm till 1230am


Let us blow you away with our street food experience and more…. desserts and cakes included. Our food is a jumble of Mexicana and Americana street-food style. Guacamole co-mingle wings; tacos versus burgers in the mains, along with pizzas, waffles and dawgs. Decadent desserts versus sinfully delicious cakes, what more can one wish for!

We’re a fun and lively spot to grab some grub before or after a show, or to get away from the hype of the KL scene. Kitchen stays open till late – after all, who can resist a delicious 11pm taco?

After Dark Soudough Pizzas

Huckleberry After Dark’s pizza dough is made with the same long fermentation process as our Huckleberry Food & Fare bakery’s famous sourdough bread. Slowly fermenting our dough up to 48 hours and using only the best of our Master Baker’s 100% natural sourdough yeast.

Using just our hands, we press, push and pull our naturally fermented dough the good old fashion way, no machines here! Our toppings are carefully arranged with choice ingredients, and then baked till the crust is super soft with a nice crisp and crunch just around the edges.


Cakes & Desserts

Sink your teeth into our delicious range of house-baked goodies of cakes and lip-smacking desserts. We promise that will pick you right up and save you from that post dinner slump!